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Main functions and features of total nitrogen detector

by:BOQU     2022-03-12

The total nitrogen detector has PID automatic adjustment technology, curve self-calibration, automatic zero adjustment and other functions, which enhances the accuracy and stability of the instrument; in addition, the total nitrogen detector has a built-in micro thermal printer, which can directly print experiments It is widely used in the detection of total nitrogen in laboratories, sewage treatment plants, universities, environmental monitoring departments, scientific research institutions and other industries in various industries.

The total nitrogen analyzer is a fast and low-cost smart meter for testing the total nitrogen content in water. Total nitrogen is an important test item in environmental protection sewage treatment. Therefore, the total nitrogen analyzer has more room to play in the field of water quality monitoring.

There is a strange phenomenon in the domestic market for total nitrogen detectors: the price difference between low-priced domestic and imported nitrogen analyzers with 'same' functions is about ten times. Compared with domestic appliances, computers, mobile phones and imported products of the same grade, the prices are close. Through the price phenomenon, it tells us that the price of domestic nitrogen analyzers has been alienated. Rush the market at a low price and ignore the quality of the product, so that many users use imported instruments at a higher price.

The main function of the total nitrogen detector

1. The curve can be automatically calculated and established with the national standard sample.

2. There are 20 standard curves and 5 regression curves in memory, which can be revised and saved by yourself;

3. Can transfer current data and historical data with PC and print.

4. Chinese operation interface, using the 5.6-inch color LCD touch screen, advanced operation interface;

5. One-click to select the desired wavelength and curve, the operation is simple and fast.

6. Using the method specified in the national standard - ultraviolet spectrophotometry, the measurement results are accurate and reliable;

7. UV dual-wavelength automatic switching, better wavelength repeatability, to ensure the accuracy of measurement results;

Main Features of Total Nitrogen Detector

1. Optional external thermal printer to print experimental data;

2. The instrument has an automatic calibration function, which can automatically adjust the calibration curve and improve the measurement accuracy;

3. The use of spectrophotometry with special reagents greatly reduces the operation time and workload;

4. Built-in large-capacity storage space, which can store 100 curves and 30,000 measurement results;

5. The measurement system adopts an advanced optical system and cold light source, and the measurement result has high precision, small drift and good stability;

6. Adopt 13:7 series high-brightness large-screen LCD display, Chinese operating system, easy to operate;

7. The digestion system is independent of the measurement system and does not interfere with each other;

8. The digestion system introduces PID adjustment technology, which has high-temperature control performance, good stability and energy saving;

9. The instrument comes with a computer connection interface, which can upload experimental data or connect to a printer to print data;

10. The total nitrogen detector is equipped with special data recording and processing software, which is convenient for the storage, processing and analysis of experimental data.

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