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Water Quality Monitoring of Biological Toxicity in Sewage

by:BOQU     2023-03-27
Biological toxicity refers to the toxicity of the sample to organisms. The general performance is divided into acute and chronic according to the degree of toxicity. Acute refers to the toxic reaction that occurs after the organism is exposed to external chemical components once or for a short time. This reaction is often manifested quickly and the reaction effect is more obvious. Chronic is just the opposite. The effect of this kind of contact reaction is also particularly sluggish, and it takes a long time to respond, and the effect of the performance is not outstanding. degree. Hazard: Causes genetic mutations and thus hereditary characteristics. Genetic mutation refers to the change of the genetic gene of the biological body after being infringed by external substances, and the chromosomal lesion of the gene, which then becomes prominent in the genetic process, often causes the wrong lesion of the genetic material, resulting in a relatively small genetic characteristic. big change. Disrupting properties affecting endocrine. Endocrine disrupting characteristics refer to the damage caused by chemical components in sewage to the endocrine system of organisms, resulting in abnormal secretion of organisms. The principle of water quality monitoring of biological toxicity in sewage: The water quality biological toxicity online analyzer adopts the method of ISO 11348 to quickly and accurately test the toxicity of the sample and the range of toxicity spectrum by using the luminescence (Vibrio Fischer) and the change of luminescence intensity when the sample reacts Contains more than 5,000 potentially toxic substances. The system is widely used in drinking water sources, emergency assessment and toxicity determination of various pollutants. The toxicity test technology is a toxicity detection system based on biosensing technology, which provides an effective response to water supply pollution caused by) means of detection. Since the acute toxicity test can be completed within 5 to 30 minutes, it can ensure a rapid response to changes in water quality.
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