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Basic Introduction of Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Basic Introduction of Dissolved Oxygen Meters


Dissolved oxygen refers to the amount of oxygen dissolved in water, usually recorded as DO, expressed in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water (unit: mg/L or ppm). Some organic compounds undergo biodegradation under the action of aerobic bacteria, which consumes dissolved oxygen in the water. If the dissolved oxygen is not replenished in time, anaerobic bacteria in the water body will multiply quickly, causing the water body to turn black and smelly. The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is an indicator of the self-purification ability of water. The dissolved oxygen in the water is consumed and the time required to return to the original state is short, indicating that the water body has strong self-purification ability, or that the water body is not seriously polluted. Otherwise, it means that the water body is seriously polluted, the self-purification ability is weak, or even the self-purification ability is lost. So in this case, a dissolved oxygen meter is essential for water quality monitoring and you can find various types of dissolved oxygen meters in Boqu.

Application of Dissolved Oxygen Meters:

1. Environmental monitoring: The oxygen content in water bodies, oceans, sewage treatment and other environments is an important indicator that reflects the ecological health of water bodies. The dissolved oxygen tester can be used to monitor the dissolved oxygen value in the water body in real time, which helps to understand the water quality of the water body and provides a reference for the protection and restoration of the water body environment.

2. Industrial application: In some industrial fields, it is necessary to control the oxygen content in liquids, such as metal processing, chemical production, food processing, etc. The dissolved oxygen meter can be used to monitor and control the oxygen content in the liquid in real time to ensure normal operation and product quality during the production process.

3. Laboratory research: In biological and ecological experimental research, oxygen is a necessary substance, because organisms need oxygen to participate in respiration for survival. The dissolved oxygen meter can be used to quickly and accurately detect the oxygen content in liquids in the laboratory, helping scientific researchers to carry out relevant experimental research.

How to Calibrate Dissolved Oxygen Meters:

1. Newly purchased instruments: During the first short period of use, multiple calibrations need to be performed in standard oxygen solutions of different concentrations to ensure the accuracy of the instrument.

2. After regular use: Under normal circumstances, calibration should be performed every 6 months of use. The measuring range should be adjusted according to the usage during calibration.

3. During high-load use, such as frequent use of oxygen, it is recommended to perform more frequent calibrations every 3 months.

4. It should be noted that the calibration process requires the instrument to be placed in the air for 30 minutes to ensure its internal stability before proceeding. The concentration of the calibration liquid should be configured according to the instructions. For portable dissolved oxygen meters, it is necessary to manually raise the temperature for 15 minutes before use to achieve the best measurement effect.

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