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Online Conductivity Meter

BOQU online conductivity meter and conductivity sensor are widely used in global, production capacity has been over 100 000pcs. TDS, Salinity and Resistivity meter use the same online conductivity analyzer in different programs.


Customers should confirm the application and required range before production, because there is many different range for online conductivity analyzer, such as: ultra pure water: 0~20μS/ cm(K=0.01), pure water is 0~200μS/ cm(K=0.1), drinking water is 200~500μS/ cm (K=1.0)in Shanghai China.


The max range of BOQU online conductivity meter is 2000ms/cm, the max working temperature is 180℃ by toroidal conductivity sensor(inductive conductivity sensor). The conductivity analyser is widely used for power plant, drinking water, wastewater, food, Chemical production, Leak detection in heat exchangers, acid and caustic dilution, Metal finishing, Plating bath control, arts cleaning and rinsing, Pickling bath control, Waste streams, Semiconductors, Pulp and paper, Black, white or green liquor, Pulp bleaching food processing, Chemical peeling, Sanitisation (CIP), Environmental Wet chemical scrubbers, Cooling towers etc.

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