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BOQU full instruments includes online water quality analyzer,laboratory water quality analyzers, portable water quality analyzers, flow meter ,level meter ,automatic water quality automatic samplers,pressure sensor etc. BOQU Instrument are committed to providing pure and ultra-pure water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial waste water,industrial circulating water, environmental monitoring, and scientific research in colleges and universities provide high-quality water quality monitoring solutions.


BOQU Instrument focus on technological innovation,is committed to provide high-precision water quality instruments and expert service.At present,BOQU Instrument has strong R & D team and two factories in Shanghai China,we have obtained up to 23 patents certificates,over 50 technology certificates in water quality analyzer. We have many breakthrough in the field of water quality analysis,such our pH,ORP,Conductivity,dissolved oxygen sensor can undertake high temperature 130;COD,BOD,Ammonia nitrogen,Total phosphorus, total nitrogen has got national CEP certificates.has core technology in over 16 kinds of heavy metals such Total iron, total iron, total zinc, total manganese, lead, cadmium, nickel, etc.In 2018 ,our annual quantity of water quality sensors and water quality meters is over 100,000pcs, exported to more than 70countries in worldwide and grow-rate is at 35% per year.


As leader manufacturer in water quality analysis,We will continue to focus on R&D and manufacturing of high-precision water quality analysis and water quality sensors,to be your trusted partner forever and always. Now you can free download technical specification here.

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