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Industrial pH/ORP Meter

Year quantity of BOQU Instrument has been over 100 000 pieces since 2018, now built two factories in Shanghai China, OEM/ODM for mainly international water quality analyzers. 


BOQU Instrument has a variety of process ph analyzer and orp analyzer designed specifically for waste water, clean water, pure water, fermentation, and sterilization. PHG-2091 Online ph analyzer is popularly used for wastewater and clean water such as pulp & paper, textiles, metal plating, and heavy industries, drinking water, bottled water, farming, swimming pool, aquaculture etc. PHG-2081X is a multifunctional ph orp analyzer, widely used for pure or ultra-pure water, such as steam and water analysis systems in power plant. for food, dairy industries, brewing, Pharma, Biotech, CIP, SIP, users mainly choose pHG-2081X or VBQ online ph orp analyzer, because the temperature compensation can be up to 130C and with FDA certificate. On the other hand, VBQ Online pH meter warranty is 3 years.

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