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Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

MPG-6099 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

The MPG-6099 multiparameter water quality meter is new generation water quality analyzer developed by BOQU Instrument. We provide fast-response online water quality sensors includes pH, ORP, Dissolved oxygen, Conductivity(TDS, Salinity), Turbidity, Suspended solid(TSS,MLSS), COD, BOD, TOC, blue-green algae, chlorophyll, Ammonia nitrogen(NH3-N),Nitrate nitrogen(NO3-N), Color, Oil-in-water, ISE Sensor for  Ammonia(NH4+), Nitrate(NO3-), Calcium(Ca2+), Fluoride(F-), Potassium(K+), Chloride(Cl-), water depth and more.


Low-maintenance, anti-drift water quality sensors ruggedly constructed for long-lasting performance are designed to work seamlessly in online water quality monitoring or remote-monitoring applications for instant data access.


pH,Conductivity,TDS,Dissolved oxygen,turbidity,Suspended solid,COD,BOD,TOC,Ammonia nitrogen,Nitrate ion,Color etc.
7 inch touch screen,Interactive interface,easy operation.and show all water quality value in one display,with real curve and history curve.
Local data logger to storage all water quality data .Download: and it can be download by USB disk.
Standard RS485 Modbus for your PLC, control system or other module.
Wireless function for option,users only need insert local SIM card, then they can monitor all water quality data on mobile App or website at real time


Introduction of Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
Introduction of Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
Water Quality Multimeter on Exhibition
Water Quality Multimeter on Exhibition
Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyzer in Production
Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyzer in Production



Environmental water discharge monitoring, Point source solution monitoring, Wastewater treatment works, Diffuse pollution monitoring, IoT Farm, IoT Agriculture Hydroponics sensor, Upstream Petrochemicals, Petroleum Processing, Paper Textiles waste water, Coal, Gold and Copper Mine, Oil and Gas Production and Exploration, River water quality monitoring, Groundwater water quality monitoring, etc


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