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An instrument for detecting whether lead in water exceeds the standard

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
At very low concentrations, the chronic long-term health effects of lead are: Affects the brain and nervous system. Scientists found that even if the concentration of lead in the blood samples of urban children remained at an acceptable level, it still significantly affected children's intellectual development and abnormal behavior. Only by reducing the lead level in drinking water can we ensure that people's total intake of lead is reduced. Then one of the things we must do is to detect whether the lead in the water exceeds the standard. In this chapter, the editor will share with you the instruments for monitoring whether lead in water exceeds the standard. The lead online analyzer in water is a fully automatic online analysis instrument developed based on Chinese standards. The working principle is: after the pretreated water sample is injected into a special reactor by a syringe pump, it first reacts with an acidic oxidizing reagent to uniformly oxidize all forms of lead in the water sample into divalent lead ions, and then adjust the pH of the solution value, then add a masking agent, and then add a chromogenic agent to the mixed solution for a display reaction. Within the measurement range, the absorbance of the chromogenic solution is proportional to the concentration of the total lead in the water sample. By measuring the absorbance, it can be calculated The total lead content in the water sample. So as to judge whether the lead in the water exceeds the standard!
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