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What are the characteristics of laboratory ultrapure water machine

by:BOQU     2023-03-19
The laboratory ultra-pure water machine is an enhanced pre-three-stage pretreatment system, which can effectively remove impurities and particulate matter; one machine can be used for both RO pure water and UP ultra-pure water; the system adopts a two-stage reverse osmosis design, It is completely suitable for use in areas with high salt content and high hardness. The ultra-pure water produced by this equipment can also be used in the production of electronic industries such as semiconductors, integrated circuit chips, liquid crystal displays, high-precision circuit boards, optoelectronic devices, and various electronic devices. The water quality can be as high as 18.2 megohms, which meets the ultra-pure water quality requirements for the production of the electronics industry. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the laboratory ultrapure water machine. 1. Microcomputer automatic control, humanized operation display system, two water intake design; 2. Light touch button touch control design, PLC automatic control, with man-machine dialogue function; 0.5″LCD backlit liquid crystal online resistivity monitor , accurately and intuitively display the water quality: 3. The temperature compensation of the conductivity cell is ±0.1°C, and the sensitivity constant is 0.01cm-1; 4. The system has power-on self-test, water shortage protection alarm, automatic reset when power failure, automatic shutdown when full of water, Ultra-low pressure protection and other functions; 5. The system has RO membrane automatic flushing and regular sterilization functions; the system is equipped with a 20L imported vacuum pressure water storage tank to avoid secondary pollution in contact with air; 6. Built-in adjustable pressure RO silent booster This pump (CE certification) can run continuously for more than 10,000 hours; 7. The system has the function of quantitative water intake, and is equipped with four quantitative water intake devices of 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, and 5000ml; 8. It adopts modular and quick-connect design, easy to maintain , Maintenance is more convenient and fast; random gift"Installation, operation, maintenance"A VCD training CD-ROM enables users to understand the performance of the pure water machine more intuitively and comprehensively.
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