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Advantages of arsenic online analyzer in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-24
The products produced by each manufacturer have their own characteristics, and BOQU, an environmental technology company that is an online water quality analyzer, is no exception. The following is an introduction to the advantages of the arsenic online analyzer in water produced by the heavy metal online monitor. 1. Fully automatic operation; 2. Long-term self-control, low maintenance, low operating cost; 3. Low chemical consumption, short preparation time; 4. Simple maintenance, no special electrician training; 5. Complete electrical and hydraulic parts Isolation; 6. Adopt microcomputer control processing unit, fully automatic operation; 7. Backlight LCD display, can display reading value and O.D curve, can store 400 sets of data; 8. Has self-diagnosis function, can identify whether there is a lack of water samples; 9. Standard 4-20mA analog output, option RS232 and corresponding software can be connected with local or remote PC to realize remote control; 10. After power failure, it has the function of automatic start-up.
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