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Advantages of total nitrogen analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
The total nitrogen analyzer is an instrument developed for the determination of total nitrogen. It is measured by visible light spectrophotometry. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, wide range, simple operation, and easy to master. Combining colorimetry with advanced computer technology, the principle of microcomputer photoelectron colorimetry is used to replace traditional visual colorimetry, which eliminates human errors and greatly improves measurement resolution. The automation of the determination process is realized. The total nitrogen detector is a widely used, fast, and low-cost instrument for testing nitrogen content and protein content. It is generally used in food, beverage, soil, feed, grain and other fields. However, there is a strange phenomenon in the domestic total nitrogen analyzer market: the function"same"The price difference between the low-priced domestic and imported azotometers is about ten times. Compared with domestic home appliances, computers, mobile phones and imported products are all close in price. Through the price phenomenon, it tells us that the price of domestic total nitrogen analyzers has been alienated. Hitting the market at a low price, while ignoring the quality of the product, many users spend a relatively high price to use imported instruments. What is even more frightening is that the industry of total nitrogen analyzers, especially users are dominated by imported brands. The main advantages of the total nitrogen detector: 1. Measurement interval: the user can set the total nitrogen detector to remain in standby mode between two measurements, avoiding the waste of chemicals. 2. Sample dilution: The sample can still be analyzed after automatic dilution. The automatic dilution has been adjusted before leaving the factory. The total nitrogen analyzer can be used for high-range measurement. 3. Easy to install: The total nitrogen analyzer has successfully passed a series of tests for easy installation and setting. During installation, it is only necessary to connect the reagent, sample, waste liquid pipeline and power cord, and the total nitrogen analyzer can set the parameters. start up. 4. Automatic calibration: The total nitrogen analyzer terminates the analysis and performs calibration according to the calibration time selected by the user, checks and stores the new calibration OD, and if the obtained OD is greater than the limit value selected by the user, an alarm will be output. 5. Stable and reliable: In order to meet the requirements of industry and environmental online, it has determined its high stability in electronics, hydraulics, etc., the electrical part and the hydraulic pipeline part are completely isolated, and the simple and stable performance guarantees the total nitrogen analyzer. It can run stably for a long time.
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