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Advantages of total phosphorus analyzer instrument components

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
The total phosphorus online analyzer is based on the molybdenum blue method. Polyphosphate and phosphorus-containing compounds are hydrolyzed under acidic conditions of high temperature and high pressure to form orthophosphate. Sodium persulfate further oxidizes other stable phosphorus-containing compounds into orthophosphate. . Orthophosphate ions are in a strong acid solution containing molybdate, and the resulting antimony compound is reduced to blue phosphomolybdate by ascorbic acid. The absorbance of phosphomolybdate is measured to complete the determination of total phosphorus in the sample. Water samples containing suspended solids need to be processed by the sample pretreatment system before entering the analyzer. The system adopts a new vacuum negative pressure sample collection and transmission and advanced ultrasonic crushing technology to crush all suspended solids and introduce them into the analyzer for measurement. Accurately analyze all phosphorus in water samples. Advantages of total phosphorus analyzer instrument components: 1. Temperature control: Imported temperature measuring components are selected to form a precise temperature control system, and temperature compensation technology is used to overcome the influence of temperature drift and ensure that the sample reaction conditions are more in line with the requirements. 2. Optical components: select the dual beams that are rarely used in domestic on-line monitoring instruments, and the detection will not be affected by various environmental factors. Automatically correct system errors, improve instrument measurement accuracy, stability and repeatability. 3. The unique design makes it have lower failure rate, lower maintenance, lower reagent consumption and higher cost performance than similar products. 4. Sampling components: peristaltic pump negative pressure suction, there is always an air buffer between the reagent and the pump tube to avoid corrosion of the pump tube. 5. Selection of valve components: imported components from the United States, Japan or Germany. International mainstream fluid components, smaller dead volume, easier operation. 6. Sealed digestion components: high-temperature and high-pressure digestion system, which speeds up the reaction process and overcomes the corrosion of equipment caused by volatilization of corrosive gases in open systems. 7. Reagent tube: Imported modified polytetrafluoroethylene transparent hose with a diameter greater than 1.5mm reduces the chance of clogging by water sample particles. 8. Metering components: the precise metering of reagents is realized through the visible photoelectric system, which overcomes the quantitative error caused by the wear of the pump tube of the peristaltic pump; at the same time, it realizes the precise quantification of trace reagents, each dose is only 1--5 ml, which greatly reduces Reagent usage. 9. Signal processing: The instrument adopts imported high-precision analog-to-digital conversion chips, which greatly enhances the scalability of the core board, can adapt to various use environments, and makes the operation of the instrument easier and more humanized.
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