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Analysis of common failures of COD tester

by:BOQU     2022-01-06

COD tester is a chemical oxygen demand tester. It is a product developed by using new electronic and mechanical technology. The cold light source display technology is applied. The life of the light source lamp is up to 100,000 hours. The switching of the light path for the measurement parameter is manual It becomes an automatic switch, eliminates the error factor of man-made rotation, and can quickly and accurately measure the chemical oxygen demand of sewage in the laboratory, in the field, and is the necessary experimental equipment for environmental monitoring stations, environmental engineering technicians, and corporate laboratories.

Some common troubleshooting methods of COD analyzer:

1. None of the detected results are zero:

Check whether the currently used curve value (Kv) setting is 0

Confirm whether all the samples including the blank are the same sample when measuring and taking water samples

Check whether the monochromatic light in the colorimetric cell exists or passes through normally

2. The blank solution cannot be reset to zero:

Restart the instrument

Check whether the monochromatic light in the colorimetric cell exists or passes through normally

Whether the upper cover is closed when the instrument is turned on

Check whether the blank solution has turbidity

Can you return to zero normally with air?

3. The screen is not bright or black after the host is turned on:

Confirm whether the power supply is normal

Confirm whether the instrument itself has power

4. The displayed measurement result is unstable, and the value fluctuates up and down:

Check whether the colorimetric solution has turbidity, and observe whether there is any suspended matter

After the water has been cooled, has it been repeatedly mixed when transferred to the cuvette?

Is there any liquid hanging on the outer wall of the cuvette?

Whether the instrument has been preheated before colorimetry

Is the seal of the colorimetric upper cover normal, and there is strong direct light interference?

5. No response during key operation:

Check whether, in the specific setting interface, some key operations are not responding is a normal phenomenon.

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