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Analysis of monitoring tasks of wastewater quality in paper mills

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
Before understanding paper mill wastewater, let's take a look at what a paper mill is. A paper mill is a factory that manufactures paper in the form of a mechanical assembly line, which can be divided into two methods: manual and mechanical. However, whether it is mechanical or manual, waste water will be generated during the production process. If the waste water is discharged directly without treatment, it will cause serious pollution of water sources, thereby affecting the ecological environment and human health. So in this article, we will learn about the monitoring sites of wastewater generated by paper mills, and what parameters need online monitoring of water quality at different sites? What are the paper mill wastewater monitoring stations? This also depends on the papermaking situation. For example, a paper mill with elemental chlorine bleaching congratulations should install monitoring points at the discharge outlet of the bleaching workshop and the discharge outlet of the bleaching workshop treatment facilities; but if there is a paper mill with a stripping process and discharges heavy metals, then Set up monitoring points at the discharge outlet of the stripping workshop or the discharge outlet of the treatment facilities of the stripping workshop. Of course, no matter what type of paper mill it is, it is necessary to set up monitoring points at the main discharge outlet. 1. What are the parameters that need to be tested at the wastewater discharge outlet of the enterprise? Mainly include: flow rate, pH value, chromaticity, COD (chemical oxygen demand), ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids, volatile phenols, total dissolved solids, etc.; 2. The discharge outlet indicators of elemental chlorine bleaching workshop wastewater: flow rate, adsorbable organic Halogen (AOX), etc.; 3. The parameters that need to be tested at the wastewater outlet of the deinking workshop: mainly heavy metal indicators; in fact, there are many companies involved in the online monitoring of water quality, not just the paper mill industry. Manufacturers of different natures in different industries have different pollution levels in the wastewater produced during the manufacturing process, so the monitoring of indicators in the wastewater should be analyzed according to the specific situation.
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