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Analysis of residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-13
Analysis of residual chlorine detector 1. One of the analysis of residual chlorine detector: what is residual chlorine. Residual chlorine refers to the effective chlorine remaining in the water after the water has been chlorinated and disinfected for a certain period of time. Chlorine is added to water, and after a certain period of contact, the general term for free chlorine and combined chlorine remaining in water. It means that after chlorine is put into water, in addition to consuming a part of the chlorine with bacteria, microorganisms, organic substances, inorganic substances, etc. in the water, there is still a part of the chlorine left, which is called residual chlorine. 2. The second analysis of residual chlorine detector: residual chlorine detection method and national standard. DPD spectrophotometry DPD reacts rapidly with residual chlorine in water to produce red color. Under the catalysis of iodide, monochloramine can also react with DPD to develop color. When adding iodide before adding DPD reagent, a part of trichloramine will develop color together with free residual chlorine, and trichloramine can be measured by changing the order of reagent addition. Amine concentration. Relevant standards: GB/T 5750-20063, Analysis of Residual Chlorine Detector 3: Definition of Residual Chlorine Detector. Simply put, the residual chlorine detector is an instrument for rapid detection of residual chlorine. The instrument is equivalent to a small spectrophotometer. After the water sample is reacted with a special reagent, the residual chlorine/total chlorine value is calculated by the spectrophotometric method. . 4. The fourth analysis of the residual chlorine detector: the characteristics of the residual chlorine detector. The characteristic of the residual chlorine detector is that the reagents required for the detection process are designed into a special reagent package, and the instrument itself also contains a standard curve. Users do not need professional knowledge to prepare reagents and curves, and can accurately detect within a few minutes. The content of residual chlorine can be very convenient for enterprises to quickly monitor the content of residual chlorine in water.
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