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Analyze the technical difficulties of the online water quality monitoring system for accurate water quality monitoring

by:BOQU     2021-07-06

With the improvement of people's standards, now everyone has higher and higher requirements for food hygiene standards, especially drinking water. As we all know, water pollution severely harms people's health and environmental rights, and also affects the development of agriculture and society. Therefore, in order to deal with water pollution problems, it is necessary to effectively promote water pollution control and management.

The monitoring of water quality environmental goals is an important condition for the implementation of water quality pollution control and management, and the use of a water quality online monitoring system to monitor water quality is accurate and labor-saving. It can be considered that water pollution control and management provide strong scientific and technological support to promote water quality safety assurance operations.

Water quality monitoring is the process of supervising and determining the types of pollutants in water bodies, the concentration and changing trends of various pollutants and evaluating water quality. There are many ways to monitor water quality, such as scientific method, electrochemical method, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, ion selection electrode method, ion chromatography, gas chromatography, plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) method, etc. Among them, ion selection Electrode methods (qualitative and quantitative), chemical methods (component method, volumetric titration, and spectrophotometry) are also commonly used in water quality monitoring at home and abroad.

However, in recent years, in order to effectively improve the effect of water quality monitoring and complete dynamic water quality monitoring, the water quality monitoring field has widely adopted a more scientific and technological online water quality monitoring system to monitor water quality. The system has the characteristics of precision, labor-saving, and strong real-time performance. It can complete continuous water quality monitoring. It is the most important weapon for responding to sudden water pollution accidents and ensuring water quality safety.

The water online quality meter system is developed for the needs of modern water quality monitoring, so after use, it can more satisfy the needs of modern water quality monitoring operations, and make the real-time monitoring of water quality reach a new height. The superior function of the water quality online monitoring system is in actual operation, which greatly reduces the energy input of the monitoring personnel, and achieves greater monitoring results with less investment.

Now, the system plays an important role in aquatic breeding, environmental protection, and drinking water safety monitoring. It has become a little protector of water quality and has been recognized and welcomed by the industry.

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