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Analyze the use function of COD meter and its product characteristics

by:BOQU     2022-01-01

The use of COD tester:

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) meter is a product developed using electronic mechanical technology. The cold light source display technology is applied, the life of the light source lamp is as long as 100,000 hours, and the switching of the measurement parameter optical path is changed from manual to automatic switching, which eliminates the error factor of artificial rotation.

In the laboratory, in the field, quickly and accurately measure the chemical oxygen demand of the sewage. It is the necessary experimental equipment for environmental monitoring stations, environmental engineering and technical personnel, and enterprise laboratories.

COD measuring instrument function:

1. Automatic correction function

2. Can store 4000 measurement results

3. Appearance design certificate. National product

4. Print current data and all stored historical data

5.3 sets of independent timing systems, which can be operated by 3 people at the same time

6. Accurate determination of COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, etc.

7. The instrument comes with 20 standard curves, which can be modified and saved by yourself

8. The instrument can automatically calculate and store 10 regression fitting curves

9. Transfer current data and all stored historical data to the computer

10. Large-screen LCD display, Chinese interface, Chinese key operation

11. Automatic constant temperature reminder, automatic reminder, timing time can be adjusted and saved at will

12. Can be extended to intelligent spectrophotometer, photometric method to measure more than 30 parameters

13. The digestion temperature is automatically adjusted to control the constant temperature with the number of loads to achieve true constant temperature control

COD measuring instrument This instrument has stable performance, high accuracy, wide measurement range, clear display, rapid measurement, simple and convenient use, and its matching intelligent digester makes the test process safer and more reliable.

Features of COD Tester:

1. Simple functional design, users can easily get started;

2. Cold light source. Narrowband interference. Long life of the light source;

3. With one-key correction function, simple operation;

4. The upper end of the digestion module is attached with an aviation heat insulation layer to effectively prevent burns;

5. Timing system, three-timing switches, automatic reminder;

6. The digestion holes are numbered to facilitate the user to distinguish multiple water samples;

7. Memory standard curve, self-calibration, with power-off protection function;

8. Equipped with a 12-hole intelligent digestion device, which can meet the needs of users for batch water sample testing;

9. The fully transparent spray guard can not only directly observe the state of the water sample but also ensure safe and reliable digestion.

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