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Any Boqu Instrument offices in other countries?
As market preferences and market situations vary from country to country, opening an overseas office will give companies a better chance to identify and exploit opportunities and greater flexibility to cater to customers’ needs in different countries. At Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd., our aim is to serve customers globally. With our continuous development in overseas markets, we are going to open our overseas offices to get closer to our customers, better understand their markets, serve them better and create more value for them.

As a renowned producer of online silica analyzer, Boqu Instrument has a massive market share. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and cod analyzer is one of them. The quality of BOQU industrial ph meter is ensured. Various tests such as drop test, antistatic test, and illustrating test are performed in the production.Adopting photoelectricity coupling and isolation technology, it holds strong resistance to interference. Made of high quality ultrasonic level meter and applied advanced technology, industrial level meter can be of great performance. It has realized the performance of long-distance transmission as well as good electromagnetic compatibility.

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