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Application and characteristics of total phosphorus detector in various fields

by:BOQU     2022-03-07

Total Phosphorus Detector Applied in Water Phosphorus can exist in the form of elemental phosphorus, orthophosphate, condensed sulfate, pyrophosphate, metaphosphate and phosphate combined with organic groups. Its main sources are domestic sewage, chemical fertilizers, organophosphorus pesticides and phosphate builders used in modern detergents. Phosphate can interfere with the coagulation process in water plants. Phosphorus in water is a key element for algae growth. Excessive phosphorus is the main cause of polluted water, eutrophication of lakes and red tides in bays. Therefore, phosphorus is an important indicator for evaluating water quality.

Total phosphorus detectors are widely used in universities, research institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, petrochemicals, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, textiles, leather, winemaking, dairy, electronics, municipal engineering and other industries.

The total phosphorus detector laboratory instrument is mainly composed of: intelligent digester, cooling tank rack, liquid crystal display, direct reading of concentration, integration of digestion and colorimetry, built-in solid agent for curve, several special reaction tubes, cuvette rack , semi-automatic dosing device, etc.

The main functions of the total phosphorus detector: accurately measure the total phosphorus content in wastewater, and read the concentration directly; transmit the current data and all stored historical data to the computer; 60 standard curves in the memory, which can be revised and saved by themselves; print the current data and All stored historical data; detailed information of 1000 data can be stored; the analyzer can automatically calculate and store the curve according to the standard sample.

Total Phosphorus Detector Instrument Features:

1. Solid state detection system, no moving parts, strong anti-vibration and anti-moisture performance.

2. Using a cold light source with a service life of up to 100,000 hours, no cooling system required, stability.

3. Large-screen Chinese menu display, reading mode includes absorbance value (A), transmittance value (T), concentration value (C).

4. Use special detection reagent packs to detect water samples, which greatly shortens the preparation time of reagents, has higher detection efficiency and simpler operation.

5. Support one-key printing, built-in printer, can print test data in real time, and can also query and print historical data.

6. Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometry, rapid and accurate determination of total phosphorus content in surface water, groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and direct reading of the concentration.

7. The integrated design of colorimetric system, digestion system and protective cover, built-in 9-hole digestion system, the upper end of the digestion hole is attached with a thermal insulation layer to effectively ensure the digestion temperature, and the instrument has a built-in air cooling device. Detection accuracy.

8. The digestion system adopts the micro-reflux rapid digestion method. The closed digestion prevents the volatilization of organic substances and the escape of samples. The integrated transparent protective cover can ensure the safety of the digestion process and facilitate real-time monitoring of the digestion process.

9. Support one-key storage, project name and reading information can save test data in real time, each group of data corresponds to *test date and time, easy to query; 50,000 groups of data can be recorded, and data statistical analysis can be performed.

10. The sample chamber is a square colorimetric cell, which avoids errors caused by uneven walls of the circular colorimetric tube, and has a higher degree of measurement. need.

11. The working curve in the instrument memory can be directly called and the concentration result can be automatically calculated. At the same time, it has 180 extended curve spaces, supports manual modification, supports automatic calibration or fitting, and is convenient for users to establish extended range and extended detection items.

12. The total phosphorus detector supports blank calibration and standard sample multi-point calibration functions. It can automatically fit the curve without manual calculation, which is convenient for users to expand testing items or correct system differences in test results. The fitted curve can be automatically saved and supported Power-off reserved.
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