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Application and performance characteristics of ORP detector

by:BOQU     2021-05-29

ORP detector can accurately measure the redox potential value and temperature of the solution.

ORP detector is widely used for online measurement of the PH value of professional high-purity water and water-making equipment in electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine, and food, etc. It is equipped with the pipeline-connected composite electrode, which is convenient to use, accurate in reading, and stable in value. The appearance selects the Chinese interface operation menu, and the economical appearance is medium-priced, which is the best choice for our customers

Functional characteristics of ORP tester:

1. Chinese LCD display, Chinese menu operation.

2. Microcomputerization: select high-performance CPU chips, high-precision AD conversion skills, and SMT patching skills to complete multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation, and appearance self-inspection, with high accuracy and good repeatability.

3. Waterproof and dustproof plan: protection grade IP65.

4. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/RFI) planning: planning and manufacturing according to European standard EN50081/50082.

5. Realize 25℃ conversion: Nernst electrode slope temperature compensation, pure water, and ammonia-added ultrapure water 25℃ conversion

6. Solution ground connection: Eliminate ground loop interference.

7. Electrode diagnosis: multiple calibration methods, E0, S query, monitor electrode function.

8. Automatic alarm function: the output of the alarm signal is blocked, the upper and lower limits of the alarm can be set arbitrarily, and the alarm delay is canceled.

9. Network function: blocked current output and RS485 communication interface; the upper and lower limits of the current output corresponding to the ORP value can be set arbitrarily; the hysteresis is adjustable, and the adjustment scale (0-500mV).

10. Industrial control watchdog: to ensure that the appearance will not crash.

11. Manual current source: convenient for recording and testing of detection devices.

12. Password management: calibration, parameter setting, and maintenance are all password protected.

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