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Application of COD Water Quality Analyzer in Food Factory

by:BOQU     2022-02-03

COD water quality analyzer is a fully automatic online analyzer developed based on the national standard method dichromate spectrophotometry, through the mixed solution formed by water sample, potassium dichromate, silver sulfate and concentrated sulfuric acid under high temperature and high-pressure environment The redox reaction occurs inside, and the instrument can directly measure the detection value of the water sample through the light signal. It is widely used in various fields such as industrial sewage, domestic wastewater, municipal drainage, chemical sewage, river and reservoir water quality monitoring, food processing, aquaculture, etc., to meet the monitoring needs of all walks of life.

COD value is an important indicator of the quality of water quality. It is the amount of oxidant consumed when a certain strong oxidant is used to treat the water sample under certain conditions. It is an indicator of the amount of reducing substances in water. The reducing substances in water include various organic substances, nitrites, sulfides, ferrous salts, etc. But the main thing is organics. Therefore, chemical oxygen demand (COD) is often used as an indicator to measure the amount of organic matter in water. The greater the chemical oxygen demand, the more serious the water pollution by organic matter.

In the process of discharging wastewater from food manufacturing plants, in order to meet the discharge standards and not put pressure on environmental governance, it is necessary to conduct COD testing on wastewater discharged from food manufacturing plants, which is an extremely important standard. Let's take a look at how the COD analyzer detects food wastewater.

The wastewater discharged from many food manufacturing plants contains a lot of chloride ions. Chloride ions are the main interference factor. We need to eliminate the interference of chloride ions and make the content less than 1000mg/L to have no effect on the detection. Generally, In some cases, a special chloride ion shielding agent can be used for removal, and then the detection is carried out. When the chloride ion content reaches the standard, we can dilute the water sample, and then directly use the COD water quality analyzer for testing.

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