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Application of industrial ph meter in boiler water

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
Industrial pH meter is a commonly used industrial instrument and equipment. It is a comprehensive entity specializing in the research and development, production and manufacturing, sales, on-site installation and commissioning, technical support and operation management of online monitoring of pollution sources. The glass on the pH electrode will gradually age over time, the gradient (the change in the electrode output potential caused by a unit pH change) will deteriorate, and it will take a long time to reach a stable potential. The service life of the general electrode is 1 year. In addition, temperature also has a great influence on aging. The aging degree of storage at 100°C for several weeks is equivalent to the aging degree of storage at room temperature for one year. The pH meter has the advantages of high precision, high reliability, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is also sensitive to pollution and needs to be calibrated frequently. Generally, it is calibrated every one to one and a half months, and the electrodes are replaced in sequence every year. Power plants use boiler water to generate steam, and the goal is to make the water as pure as possible. In this way, after the water evaporates, no sediment will be left, especially to prevent scale formation. In order to use boiler water efficiently and economically, the condensed gas is sent back through the pump. Therefore, boiler water is extremely pure distilled water, and the conductivity is sometimes lower than 1μS/cm. So why use an industrial pH meter to measure the pH value of boiler water? Although the conductivity of boiler water is very low, if the pH of the water is acidic, the water tank and pipes will be corroded. In order to minimize the cost of expensive maintenance and repair work for the entire system, the pH of the water is often (if not continuously) controlled, so an industrial pH meter is used. If necessary, some substances (such as ammonia solution) can be added to raise the pH to 9 and keep it there. By monitoring the pH value with an industrial pH meter, any change in acid or base released from the ion exchanger can be measured immediately.
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