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Application of multi-parameter water quality analyzer in urban landscape river

by:BOQU     2021-06-30

As an important part of the city, Jingxiang River's ecological environment can reflect the image of the entire city. Jingxiang River plays an important role in beautifying the urban environment, conserving water sources, regulating the regional microclimate, protecting biodiversity, and promoting social and economic development. In recent years, the water quality of the City Jingxiang River has been polluted, and its water body functions and the city scene have been seriously affected. Monitoring and reviewing the water quality of the City Jingxiang River can provide an important basis for the protection and management of the water body.

The multi-parameter water quality analysis is installed under the buoy, and the buoy system is installed on the left bank of the river. The auxiliary equipment integrated with active monitoring mainly includes the power supply module, data collector, communication module, and other devices in the waterproof instrument box. The monitoring data passes through Upload from the mobile network to the customer data center for viewing and downloading.

Measurement parameters include pH, ORP, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen, blue-green algae, and chlorophyll. One set of data is collected every 15 minutes and uploaded to the data center in real time. Equipment protection and calibration are carried out every two weeks to provide accurate data.

Multi-parameter water quality analyzers all use electrode method probes to achieve in-situ online measurement functions. No reagent consumption is required, and no secondary pollution occurs. The law of data change is stable and reliable, which can well reflect the water quality status in the monitoring area, and the water quality monitoring of the scenic river has played an important role.

The advantages of buoy multi-parameters monitor mpf-3099:

1. No chemical reagents, no secondary pollution

2. Multi-parameter integration, convenient installation

3. Active cleaning, a small amount of protection

4. Good waterproof performance, can be installed in deep water body measurement

5. Movable measurement of the water body in the center of the river.

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