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Application of online BOD detector in urban sewage treatment and

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
The online bod detector is an optical BOD velocimeter with an automatic liquid flow switching system in China, which can quickly measure BOD in water. The instrument has high degree of automation, stable performance, convenient operation and accurate measurement. Standards and instruments can be widely used in urban sewage treatment and rapid detection of BOD in various surface water and industrial wastewater. Working principle: The soluble and biodegradable organic matter in the water sample is assimilated by the strains in the microbial biofilm, the cell respiration intensity of the strains is enhanced, and the oxygen quality in the water is reduced. When the diffusion rate (mass) of the degraded organic matter to the bacterial membrane reaches a certain value, the related biochemical reactions will stabilize. At this time, there is a quantitative relationship between the light signal and the concentration of biodegradable organic matter in the water sample. Therefore, after the signal is converted into a current signal, after amplification, analysis and processing, the BOD detection result can be directly displayed. Features of online BOD detector: 1. Safe and reliable: It uses mercury-free differential pressure sensing method to measure BOD in water, which is safe and reliable, and will not cause mercury poisoning. , the sensitivity of the mercury column is low, resulting in serious inaccurate measurements. 2. Stirring mode: It has multiple stirring modes (intermittent and continuous) to prolong the service life of the online bod analyzer. 3. Concentration direct reading: without conversion, directly display the BOD concentration value, draw water sample measurement data curve. 4. Number of samples: The number of test samples is 1-6, which can be selected arbitrarily, and up to 6 samples can be measured. 5. Measuring range: The measuring range can be selected. When the concentration of the water sample is lower than 4000mg/L, no dilution is required. 6. Automatic printing: Automatically print the parameters set before measurement, automatically print the daily BOD value, and print the current data at any time. 7. Data viewing: You can view the data of this test process and non-test historical data. 8. Color LCD screen: Large-screen color LCD display, full Chinese system control interface, the value of each sample is displayed in different colors, and the online BOD analyzer real-time concentration and concentration change curve are displayed at the same time, which is intuitive and clear.
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