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Application of Online Sludge Concentration Meter

by:BOQU     2023-04-10
The online sludge concentration meter is an online monitoring instrument designed for measuring the concentration of suspended solids in the process of municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. It can be applied to detect the concentration change of activated sludge in the biochemical treatment process, and provide continuous and accurate measurement results. The measuring principle is realized by light absorption or scattered light technology. Two single-color LEDs are pulsed at a frequency of several kilohertz. The signals from the two photodetectors were isolated and converted to a logarithmic function and analyzed comparatively. Reliable verification measurement techniques correct for issues such as compensation electrode failure and optical component aging. Advantages: 1. Simple sludge interface measurement: the sludge interface can be measured by setting the measurement unit to mg/L, g/L or percentage. Calibrate the online sludge concentration meter first, and then slowly put the sensor into the sedimentation tank. When the sensor reaches the sludge interface layer, the concentration of suspended solids will increase significantly. After the sensor detects the sludge interface layer, check the scale in meters on the sensor cable to determine the depth from the water surface to the sludge interface. 2. Bubble compensation measurement ensures higher accuracy: the software of the instrument can automatically compensate for the bubbles that affect the measurement. Turbidity is pre-calibrated using a calibration curve stored on the instrument. When measuring suspended solids, each calibration curve can be fitted to the laboratory measurement results because each calibration curve can use three-point measurement value correction and one zero-point correction. 3. Durable material, long service life: The sensor of the online sludge concentration meter is made of polished stainless steel, with a scratch-resistant window, which can be used in harsh environments. Polished stainless steel helps prevent particles from adhering to the probe surface. The internal memory can store up to 290 measurements including time, date, measurement value, measurement location and homogeneity. Three operating modes can be selected - single point measurement, intermittent measurement or continuous measurement.
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