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Are there still opportunities in the water treatment market?

by:BOQU     2022-09-20

The first reaction of people in the industry to hear this question may be that you should not ask if there are opportunities, but where the opportunities are. This is not unreasonable.

The development of the times is always accompanied by opportunities and opportunities. If you don’t rush for construction, you can rush for operation; the stock market is not enough, and increasing market share is not a good opportunity to re-rank.

Although the '14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Urban Sewage Treatment and Resource Utilization' clearly reduces the capacity target for new sewage treatment capacity, and reclaimed water. These keywords of information system construction all guide the market outlook.

Experts generally believe that the first move in the water treatment industry still has pieces to fall, especially in the northern region, where the highland attribute has long been revealed.

When the Xiong'an New Area was delineated, the local water treatment enterprises accelerated their business radiation by taking advantage of the Baiyangdian water environment management, while other enterprises deployed across the region, and the northern water treatment market reached a peak. However, in the past few years, when people were amazed by the rhythm of the great protection of the Yangtze River, the publication of the draft Yellow River Protection Law is no less than the direct reservation of the next market growth point.

Chengfa Environment, which has attracted much attention, plans to swallow Enlightenment Environment and change its name to Yellow River Environment Co., Ltd. The transaction also makes the industry bluntly say that there is Changjiang Ecological Environmental Protection Group in the south, and there is also a new one in the north.‘ Is the environment of the Yellow River? Seize the opportunity, let's start now.

However, from another perspective, the development of the north and south markets is indeed unbalanced due to differences in various conditions, and the incremental market space and potential are also trending northward. Market players have always been sensitive to this, and they can see some clues to some extent. Then the key to the follow-up lies in the matching between terminal needs and technical equipment.

Whether it is the difference in water treatment conditions between the north and the south, the similarities and differences in the needs of urban and rural water treatment, or the symptomatic selection under different working conditions, as well as the butler-style environmental services, the management and control requirements for intelligent and information-based upgrades are still important. A huge test for the development of the entire industry.

For this reason, innovation centered on overcoming technical bottlenecks, management centered on upgrading brand influence, and development centered on seeking incremental space for differentiation are all self-improvement strategies to start a new journey of the 14th Five-Year Plan and achieve stability and long-term progress. The strong are always strong, and the growth is witnessed over the years.

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