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Basic definition and characteristics of multi-parameter water quality detector

by:BOQU     2022-03-18

Multi-parameter water quality detector is a new type of instrument that can quickly detect water quality at the same time. The method is simple and accurate. It can be used together with supporting reagents, without the need for standard solutions and standard curves, and can get results quickly, which is convenient for on-site sampling.

In the process of using multi-parameter water quality detector to detect water quality, the factors affecting water quality detection are mainly source and category factors. The first is the source factor. In normal work, the staff sometimes makes wrong processing of the water quality samples that need to be tested, resulting in the inability to correctly analyze the water quality results, resulting in the inability to solve the problem. Secondly, for different water quality samples, different parameter detection methods should be selected on the multi-parameter water quality detector.

The basic definition of multi-parameter water quality detector:

Multi-parameter water quality tester: Tap water refers to the water that the water plants pass through the water purification processes of 'coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and so on, and finally the water is supplied to the user by the pump through the water transmission and distribution pipeline. . Some countries and regions stipulate that it must meet the national drinking water hygiene standards. Water that does not meet the standard of water quality testing is likely to cause diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery and other infectious diseases, as well as endemic diseases such as fluorosis and arsenic poisoning.

Multi-parameter water quality detector can also be used for marine water quality monitoring. The multi-parameter water quality detector can simultaneously measure seven parameters of seawater temperature, depth, salinity, chlorophyll concentration, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and pH value.

Multi-parameter water quality detector features:

1. Use button operation

2. Automatically adjust the wavelength

3. It can store 99 test programs compiled by the operator

4. Configure RS-232 serial port to transmit data to computer or printer

5. Upgrade settings are available, the new upgrade software provides other functions and adjustment parameters, which can be downloaded to the photometer through the Internet or PC

6. The barcodes of all NANOCOLOR test tubes can be recognized, and there is also a sample slot for 10mm. 20mm.50mm rectangular cuvettes

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