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Basic features and installation of digital PH meter

by:BOQU     2022-02-11

The digital PH meter is waterproof. Lightweight in appearance. Easy to carry, with automatic temperature compensation function; large LCD screen, easy to read the measured value. With a variety of automatic calibration functions and low power consumption, it is very suitable for field measurement or field process and wastewater treatment measurement. The instrument has positioning regulator, slope regulator, manual temperature regulator and automatic temperature compensation with pt100 platinum resistance, which can compensate for various solution temperatures and various electrode slopes.

Basic Features of Digital PH Meter

1. The self-monitoring function of the probe indicates that the glass is damaged;

2. Solid mechanical shell, effectively protect the glass electrode;

3. It is very easy to replace the glass electrode;

4.IQ digital probe can be calibrated in the laboratory in advance.

Digital pH Meter Instrument Installation

1. Take out the electrode holder from the accessories, fasten the support rod, tighten the fixing screws, install the electrode fixing block, and adjust it to a suitable position.

2. Take out the electrode from the accessory, insert the electrode plug into the Electrode port on the back of the instrument and turn it clockwise to lock. Insert the electrode sensor into the fixing block on the electrode holder and adjust the electrode sensor to the position.

The industrial pH meter is characterized by good stability, reliable operation, certain measurement accuracy, strong environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference ability, analog output, digital communication, upper and lower limit alarm and control functions, etc. . When in use, the rubber plug of the reference electrode electrolyte solution inlet should be removed, so that the reference electrolyte can maintain a certain flow rate by gravity to penetrate and communicate with the measured solution. Otherwise, the reading will drift. During measurement, the electrode bulb should be completely immersed in the solution to be measured.

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