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Basic requirements for the design of automatic water quality online monitoring station

by:BOQU     2023-04-11
Before this, Mudi Xiaobian introduced many problems about the solution of automatic surface water quality monitoring station, including system integration design, and related classification of online monitors: automatic five-parameter water quality analyzer, automatic analysis of dissolved oxygen water quality Instrument, conductivity water quality automatic analyzer, turbidity water quality automatic analyzer, permanganate index online analyzer, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, total phosphorus online analyzer, total nitrogen online analyzer, total lead online monitor, total cadmium On-line monitor, hexavalent chromium on-line analyzer, total mercury on-line monitor, etc. So what kind of content will the editor of this chapter share? The basic requirements for the design of automatic water quality online monitoring stations are classified as follows: 1. The technical requirements for lightning protection and grounding of the station building are designed in accordance with the 'Technical Specifications for Lightning Protection of Building Electronic Information Systems' (GB50343-2004) and the relevant requirements of the appendix; grounding is reserved between instruments ground row. The grounding bar and the building's general equipotential grounding bar are connected with multi-core copper wires with a wire diameter of 25mm2; As for the lightning protection and grounding technical solutions, Party A can invite professional technicians to make professional designs. 2. Power distribution technology requires buildings to be equipped with a general distribution box, and a first-level lightning protection module is installed in the distribution box; the incoming line of the distribution box is three-phase five-wire, and the ground wire is not less than 35mm2, which is connected to the general ground of the building, and The connection meets the requirements of technical specifications; Three-phase voltage fluctuation range: 380V10%, the voltage difference between the phase lines is less than 10V, and the voltage difference between the phase line and the neutral line is less than 10V; Set up the system distribution box, the system distribution box is installed in In the power distribution room, Party A shall provide three-phase five-wire power supply incoming lines. Power supply requirements of the system (including all equipment in the instrument room and air conditioner): transformers are less than 100 meters away from the station building, 15KVA; transformers are more than 100 meters away from the station building, 30KVA; three-phase circuit breakers are reserved in the system distribution box. 3. The water supply and drainage technology of the station building requires a communication trench between the instruments, a drainage floor drain in the trench, a drainage floor drain on the ground between the instruments, a floor drain with an aperture of 110mm, and a drain outlet with an aperture of 100mm. The final drain is at the water intake The downstream direction is at least 30m away from the water intake; the ground and the trench between the instruments should be waterproofed; 4. The cleaning water requires tap water as the cleaning water, the cleaning tap water pressure is 2~4bar, and the tap water pipe is connected to the trench of the station room, and a DN15 pipeline interface is reserved .
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