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Basic scheme of hospital sewage discharge monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
When it comes to sewage, many industries will have the problem of sewage discharge. This chapter shares with you some issues about hospital sewage discharge monitoring. Hospital sewage refers to the sewage discharged from hospitals (general hospitals, professional hospitals and other types of hospitals) to the natural environment or urban pipelines. Its water quality varies with the nature, size and area of ​​different hospitals. The amount of sewage discharged by each hospital bed is about 200-1000L per day. The main pollutants contained in hospital sewage are: pathogens (parasite eggs, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc.), organic matter, floating and suspended matter, radioactive pollutants, etc. Regardless of whether it is a large hospital or a small hospital, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus in all medical wastewater are more complicated. The basic scheme of hospital wastewater monitoring The hospital is a place for patients with various diseases to see and recuperate. At the same time, the hospital discharges a large amount of sewage every day. In addition to a large number of virus parasite eggs, there are mainly pollution factors such as BOD5, CODcr, and SS. Therefore, it is particularly important for hospital sewage treatment. The hospital attaches great importance to environmental protection. Standing at the strategic height of sustainable development, it actively treats hospital sewage. 1. Water quality on-line analysis is an instrument for automatic water quality monitoring realized by online means. It uses modern sensor technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer application technology and related special analysis software and communication network to obtain current water quality in real time. water quality data. After only a few minutes of data collection, the water quality information of the water source can be sent to the server of the environmental analysis center. Once a change in the concentration of a certain pollutant is observed, the environmental supervision department can immediately take corresponding measures. Real-time automatic monitoring of water quality can realize real-time continuous monitoring of water quality, achieve and grasp the water quality status of key sections of water bodies in major river basins, early warning and forecast of major or basin water quality pollution accidents, resolve disputes over water pollution accidents across administrative regions, and supervise the total amount control system Implementation status, emission compliance status and other purposes. 2. Traditional environmental water quality monitoring is mainly based on manual on-site sampling and laboratory instrument analysis. Although the analysis methods in the laboratory are complete, the laboratory monitoring has defects such as low monitoring frequency, difficult storage of samples, large sampling errors, scattered monitoring data, and inability to reflect pollution changes in a timely manner. It is difficult to meet the requirements of the government and enterprises for effective water environment management. need. The composition of the water quality online monitoring system 1. Monthly monitoring items of hospital sewage: pH value, COD, ammonia nitrogen, Escherichia coli, residual chlorine, etc. Calculate pollutant fluxes. 2. According to the needs of the hospital and the on-site working conditions, the water quality online monitoring system to be installed at the main water treatment outlet of the hospital is as follows: 1) Necessary monitoring instruments: water quality E. coli online analyzer, COD online analyzer, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, pH online monitors, etc. 2) On-line monitoring room and auxiliary facilities: Standard station building (25 ㎡, connected to water and electricity, air-conditioned room temperature), lightning protection measures, open channel, Parshall trough, several pipe valves. 3) All devices have 4~20mA, RS232 or RS485 output interface, which can be connected to the data acquisition instrument and upload the data to the monitoring platform of the Environmental Protection Bureau.
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