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BOD detector has six characteristics in daily use

by:BOQU     2022-01-09

The BOD detector adopts the microbial electrode method, which can quickly determine the BOD value in the water sample and is easy to operate and accurate. The principle is based on the oxygen consumption and metabolism of organic matter by microorganisms. The determination of BOD only involves the initial oxidation rate, so the determination of a sample can be completed within 5-8 minutes. Greatly shorten the time required for the determination. This method complies with the 'Water Quality Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Microbial Sensor Rapid Determination Method' (HJ/T86-2002), and was listed as a Class A method in the 'Water and Wastewater Detection and Analysis Method' (Fourth Edition) published in 2002. The BOD detector is an upgraded product based on the original product. Its detection speed is faster, the operation method is more concise, it shortens the culture time of the microbial membrane, and further improves the detection accuracy of the product.

The principle is:

After the water sample is diluted, it is incubated at 20℃±1℃ for 5 days, and the dissolved oxygen content in the water sample before and after the culture is calculated. The difference between the two is the BOD detector. Biochemical oxygen demand or biochemical oxygen demand (generally refers to five-day chemical oxygen demand), an inductive guideline indicating the content of aerobic pollutants such as organic matter in the water. Clarify the total amount of dissolved oxygen in the water consumed when the organic matter in the water undergoes oxidation and differentiation due to the biochemical action of microorganisms and makes it mineralized or gasified. The higher the value, the more organic pollutants in the water, and the more severe the pollution.

Using characteristics of BOD tester:

1. Intuitiveness: the initial value of BOD will be flashed directly by the number;

2. Stability: using an imported pressure sensor, stable performance, less drift, low maintenance rate;

3. Safety: no mercury, safe. No secondary pollution;

4. No dilution: The sample BOD value is within the range of 0-1000mg/L without dilution;

5. Fully sealed: the whole system is sealed, and the differential pressure test is not affected by atmospheric pressure changes, and the measurement is accurate and reliable;

6. Intelligence: The instrument is intelligent, can complete automatic power on and off, has the full-key operation, and can connect to the computer to upload data directly.

Instrument features:

1. Adopting the principle of BOD measurement by breathing pressure method, highly environmentally friendly and mercury-free measurement, accurate measurement, and convenient operation;

2. Using advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, all instruments are integrated in the measuring head. Each measuring head can independently complete the operation and measurement process, and multiple measuring heads can realize the continuous measurement of water samples;

3. The BOD value is automatically stored in the measuring head, and the user can quickly call it at any time;

4. With automatic start function, after the sample temperature is balanced, the measurement will be automatically started;

5. Using advanced wireless Internet of Things technology, it can directly control the start, shutdown, measurement, reading, curve generation, saving, printing, and other operations of the measuring head on the computer.

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