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Brief Introduction of Online Monitoring System for River Water Quality

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
The river water quality online monitoring system is a device for real-time monitoring of water quality. The role of water in our lives is very important, and the quality of water quality is also one of the main factors affecting environmental quality. Generally, there are many water source channels in natural environments such as river courses. In order to avoid environmental impact after the more polluted water quality is carried out in the river network, it is usually necessary to install a river channel water quality online monitoring system. It is different from other equipment. The following is Briefly introduce. Brief introduction of the river water quality online monitoring system The river water quality online monitoring system can be divided into electrical unit, measurement unit and water sampling unit according to the functions. The whole set of equipment adopts a modular installation method, which is relatively simple, and the follow-up maintenance is also very convenient, with good sealing performance. The electrical unit is composed of leakage protection switch, data acquisition device and so on. The measuring unit is composed of sensor modules and related accessories. The water collection unit is composed of water pumps, electric ball valves and other devices. Features of the river water quality online monitoring system 1. It adopts modular design and has a very high degree of system integration. 2. Through the touch screen operation, it is humanized and easy to operate. 3. It does not require frequent maintenance and has a long service life. 4. There is no need to spend any reagents during operation, and no secondary pollution occurs. 5. The equipment has power-off protection, automatic alarm and automatic repair functions. 6. It has a perfect user rights management system, which can effectively avoid misoperation. Description of the river water quality on-line monitoring system This system is a special monitoring equipment, which can only be installed or operated by professionals. When installing, using and maintaining the river water quality online monitoring system, standard specifications and related operating procedures should be followed to avoid personal injury or equipment damage. The safety precautions in the manual during use can only be supplemented by local standards and regulations. KNAF does not assume any responsibility for violation of correct operation requirements or violation of safety standards for design, production and use of equipment. This article mainly introduces the KNF-407 river channel water quality online monitoring system as an example. It is only used as a representative equipment introduction. For the actual situation, please refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer.
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