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Calibration Tips for ORP Water Quality Tester

by:BOQU     2021-07-10

We should calibrate every day when we use the ORP water quality detector. Although the new sensor may not require excessive calibration when it starts to use. But we must understand the relevant calibration process, so that we will not panic during operation, and this ORP water quality tester's calibration tips can handle most of the problems we encountered during calibration.

ORP water quality sensor structure:

1. If a pH/ORP sensor is used, the pH value must be calibrated to ensure its normal operation.

2. Flush the sensor and calibration cup with a small amount of ORP calibration solution. After filling the cup, the ORP sensor top and the temperature sensor are immersed in the solution.

3. If the ORP sensor's standard calibration solution is used, in addition, some instruments can automatically adjust the calibration value according to the temperature during operation. However, sometimes it is also necessary to manually adjust the calibration value.

4. Wait for the reading to stabilize, and then press Enter to accept the calibration.

5. If a warning message appears during calibration, indicating that there is a problem with the calibration, please do not continue to operate. Ability to choose No, and query the cause of the suspicious result. If you do not deal with the suspicious calibration, the ORP instrument reading will be faulty. The typical causes of this faulty audio mainly include dirty sensors or faulty calibration solutions.

ORP water quality detector troubleshooting tips:

Eliminate ORP sensor faults

The operating life of the sensor of the general ORP water quality detector is about 12-24 months, depending on our daily use, storage, and protection habits. Proper storage and protection can generally extend the service life of the sensor. Of course, if the water quality tested can also affect the operating time.

If the sensor shows a slow response in the calibration solution, we can clean and re-adjust the sensor. Generally, it takes more than 90 seconds to stabilize the reading when placed in the calibration solution. If you receive an error message during ORP calibration, please check the following: Make sure that the calibration solution of the ORP water quality detector is good and has not expired.

If you continue to receive error messages during calibration, please clean and repair the sensor according to the explanation in the pH troubleshooting section of the help document given by the manufacturer. If you suspect port contamination, please follow the instructions in the Clean Sensor Port section before reinstalling the sensor.

If the problem persists, the offset can be checked by performing a factory reset on the ORP sensor. After resetting the sensor, if the problem still cannot be resolved, replace the sensor.

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