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Can it still be used if the heavy metal mercury in the water exceeds the standard?

by:BOQU     2023-03-29
Mercury is a volatile toxic heavy metal element that exists in liquid form at normal temperature and pressure. It is silvery white and has stable chemical properties. It is insoluble in acid and alkali, and can evaporate at normal temperature. Mercury has the characteristics of low melting point, high specific gravity, high boiling point, good electrical conductivity and uniform expansion coefficient, making it widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, science and technology, transportation, medicine and health, and national defense. Mercury is a persistent, easily mobile and highly bioaccumulative chemical. All forms of mercury in the environment can be converted into highly toxic methylmercury under certain conditions. Mercury can also be transported and deposited over long distances , It is easy to cause cross-border pollution and become a regional problem. The United Nations Environment Program has listed it as a sex pollutant. If it sinks directly into the liver after ingestion, it will cause great damage to the brain, nerves, and vision. Natural water contains 0.01 mg per liter of water, which will cause human poisoning. To sum up, we understand that water with heavy metal mercury exceeding the standard cannot be used, and it will cause certain harm to the human body! Introduction of related water quality online monitoring instruments: The working principle of the production of mercury monitoring instruments in water is: the pretreated water samples are injected into a special reactor by a syringe pump and then react with oxidizing reagents to remove all forms of mercury in the water samples. Uniformly oxidize into divalent mercury ions, then reduce the excess oxidant, then adjust the pH of the solution, and then add a characteristic chromogenic agent for extraction and color reaction. Within the measurement range, the degree of color change is proportional to the total mercury concentration in the water sample. Proportional, the total mercury content in the water sample can be calculated by measuring the degree of color change. Use the online extraction technology section to lower the detection line of the mercury online analyzer in water, so that the online analyzer becomes an instrument for real-time and continuous monitoring of mercury concentration in water in various industries.
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