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Can residual chlorine in tap water cause cancer?

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
Tap water is the water supply method that collects water from the water source, undergoes proper treatment and disinfection, and then transports it to residents' homes through pipes. Tap water must pass the 106 water quality standards stipulated in the 'Drinking Water Sanitation Standard' (GB5749-2006) before it can leave the factory and flow to thousands of households. A necessary process before tap water leaves the factory is to disinfect the water. Chlorine disinfection is commonly used at present. Because chlorine gas enters water, it will form hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite free radicals, which have super oxidizing ability and can play a role in disinfection and sterilization. Moreover, the cost of chlorine gas disinfection is low, the effect is good, and the implementation is convenient. From the water plant to the home, the water will also pass through old water pipes, water tanks, etc., and will encounter many potential bacteria. At this time, the residual chlorine in the water will play a role, which can effectively prevent the spread and prevalence of water-borne infectious diseases. .So the smell of bleach powder that everyone smells from tap water is actually residual chlorine. The residual chlorine in water will be further converted into hydrochloric acid and chloric acid under light and heating conditions, and a small amount of other chlorine-containing compounds will also be generated. However, residual chlorine and its by-products in water are only toxic to a certain extent when ingested in large quantities. The safety standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is no more than 5 milligrams of chlorine per liter of water. In my country, the residual chlorine content in tap water is usually less than 1 mg/L, which is far below the World Health Organization standard. Therefore, the residual chlorine in our daily tap water is far from reaching the carcinogenic standard. Although the residual chlorine content in the water is far from the carcinogenic standard, it still has a peculiar smell, which will affect the taste of drinking water or cooking food. If friends are concerned about this, a practical solution is to install a kitchen water purifier. The activated carbon filter element in the water purifier can effectively absorb different colors and odors in the water.
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