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Can the water quality monitoring of the tap water plant be used with confidence?

by:BOQU     2023-04-06
The tap water we usually use can only reach our faucets through pipes, reservoirs, secondary water supply, etc. In the middle, it is very likely to be polluted twice or even three times. Among them, rust is one of the factors that pollute the water quality. Long-term use of such water is harmful to the human body. After all, if the water quality monitoring of the water plant is qualified, it can be used with confidence? In fact, relevant personnel have emphasized this issue on different occasions. The specific situation is as follows: 1. The tap water standard is set to take into account the actual water quality conditions in the vast areas of our country. It is just a basic line. In other words, it is like our exam The same 60 points pass, and the standard for tap water is a pass line. 2. So many indicators in tap water cannot guarantee the termination of various elements harmful to the human body, but only common harmful substances. So even if all the projects are completed and qualified, it cannot guarantee the existence of harmful substances other than these projects. 3. The tap water standard is a basic guarantee line. In real life, each person's constitution is different, and each person's tolerance to harmful substances after use is also different. If the tolerance is lower than the average level, it may be harmful to most acquaintances. There is harm. 4. There are also some harmful substances that are accumulated, such as heavy metals. When we use it, it is the dosage, but if it accumulates too much in the body, it will cause some diseases. 5. There is also residual chlorine, which also exists in tap water and is harmful to the human body! From the above, we can understand. The water plant monitors whether the qualified water can be used with confidence, this is not the case! It can only be said that we are still working hard to improve, so that everyone can use the tap water. Nevertheless, the online monitoring of water quality cannot be slackened, and even more attention should be paid to it! 【Note】Water comes back after the water is cut off. Due to the age of the water pipeline, there will be unavoidable rust, sediment and even bloodworms. Remember at this time, you must not use tap water directly!
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