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Cause analysis on the emission concentration of COD

by:BOQU     2022-09-17

According to the results of the user's use of the COD analyzer to detect COD in the wastewater, the reasons for affecting the discharge concentration of COD are analyzed from the four aspects of man, machine, material and method, which may be due to the following reasons:

1. The operator level is not enough. The operator is trained after strict training and has many years of experience in wastewater treatment. It is a secondary reason that he can operate the whole set of wastewater treatment equipment proficiently, and there is no operator error.

2. The dosage is not enough. The amount of industrial wastewater in the company is small, and the batch treatment method is adopted. Our team understands that the amount of coagulant added each time is the same. If the concentration of the wastewater to be treated is extremely high, there may be insufficient coagulant reaction. It may be the main reason that the wastewater is discharged without complete treatment, which affects the quality of the effluent.

3. The treatment process is not suitable. The company's wastewater treatment station adopts the air flotation process. The air flotation treatment process has a simple process, a small footprint, a small amount of coagulant added, and stable operation. It is more suitable for the treatment of oily wastewater and is suitable for the treatment of company wastewater.

4. The processing flow is not perfect. The industrial wastewater of the company is first treated by chemical coagulation and then enters the air flotation tank, and then is discharged into the outlet well after being treated by sand filtration. The lack of a necessary inspection link is the main reason.

5. Equipment aging. The aging of wastewater treatment equipment will also affect the treatment effect of wastewater. At present, the company carries out routine maintenance work on the equipment every year. The equipment is in good condition and can completely treat the company's industrial wastewater, which is the secondary reason.

Through the analysis of the reasons, it is concluded that there are two main reasons for affecting the COD emission concentration: imperfect process and insufficient dosing amount. Therefore, we decided to transform the wastewater treatment station, install a set of inspection equipment on the original equipment, and add a loop. If the water quality does not meet the standard, the wastewater will be re-processed through the loop to ensure that the COD concentration of the wastewater is discharged below the target value, thereby reducing Total COD emissions.

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