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Chongqing has installed water quality online monitoring equipment at many sewage outlets

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
The implementation of the river chief system involves many departments. How to realize the linkage and cooperation between departments? Rivers flow dynamically. How to ensure the effective governance of the upstream and downstream basins? Hu Guiquan, member of the CPPCC and director of the Agricultural Committee of Dadukou District stay tuned. At last year's 'Two Sessions' in Chongqing, the proposal 'Proposals for Promoting the Work of the River Chief System' was submitted. The Chongqing Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau stated that it has achieved full coverage of 'one river and one length' of the river reservoirs in the territory. The Rongfeng River in Rongchang District was awarded the National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot through the implementation of the river chief system pilot; It was rated as 'the most beautiful hometown river' in the country. Suggesting 'online supervision' of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Frankly speaking, there are still some problems in the promotion of the river chief system, such as the lack of professional and technical personnel, and the lack of mature experience accumulation. Moreover, the river chief system involves many departments, and Chongqing City alone involves 22 There are still many problems in the establishment, improvement and effective operation of the work linkage mechanism in the short term. The proposal calls for suggestions to promote the linkage of various departments and promote the work of the river chief system. 'Relevant management responsible departments shall be implemented according to the areas of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, such as the sinking area, normal water level area, urban planning area, and plantable areas within the protection range of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in the Yangtze River, and implement block management. Take care of the daily management of your own 'responsible fields'', Hu Guiquan said, to establish and improve the basic ledgers of rivers and lakes, and to bring all rivers and lakes in the administrative area into the management scope of the river chief system in accordance with the work requirements of the river chief system, so as to be able to Fundamentally solve the pollution problems of rivers and lakes. At present, there are many and overlapping classifications of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, such as water function areas, secondary rivers, drinking water protection areas, special ecological function areas, etc., but the indicators are inconsistent and vary greatly. Important national-level main streams such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and other mother rivers and drinking water sources should establish a national unified indicator monitoring system to prevent the indicators from decreasing in various places. Other rivers, lakes and reservoirs should at least establish a unified indicator system at the provincial level. Online supervision is implemented for the supervision of rivers, lakes and reservoirs above the provincial level to prevent unauthorized alteration of monitoring data and data falsification in individual places. For the monitoring of cross-border sections, a system of upstream and downstream mutual monitoring, mutual cross-examination, and mutual confirmation shall be implemented to avoid the phenomenon of upstream pollution and downstream governance, and upstream and downstream mutual buck-passing.
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