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Classification introduction of ph meter

by:BOQU     2023-04-14
The pH meter is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research, pharmaceuticals, fermentation, chemical industry, breeding, tap water and other fields. The instrument is also an essential inspection equipment for QS and HACCP certification in food factories and drinking water factories. pH meter is also called acidity meter, acidity meter, but it is different in different places or manufacturers. It is a commonly used instrument and equipment, which is mainly used to precisely measure the pH value of liquid media. Electrode potential MV value, then let's understand the classification of pH meters. Classification of pH meter: 1. According to the classification of application, it can be divided into: pen type pH meter, portable pH meter, laboratory pH meter and industrial pH meter, etc. (1) The pen-type pH meter is mainly used to replace the function of pH test paper, and has the characteristics of low precision and convenient use. (2) Portable pH meters are mainly used for on-site and field measurements, which require high precision and perfect functions. (3) The laboratory pH meter is a desktop high-precision analytical instrument that requires high precision and full functions, including printout, data processing, etc. (4) Industrial pH meters are used for continuous measurement of industrial processes. They not only have measurement display functions, but also have alarm and control functions, as well as installation, cleaning, anti-interference and other issues. 2. Classification according to the type of components: it can be divided into transistor type, integrated circuit type and single-chip microcomputer type, and more is the application of microcomputer chips, which greatly reduces the size of the instrument and the cost of a single machine; but the development cost of the chip is very expensive 3. According to pH Accuracy classification of measuring instruments: can be divided into 0.2 level, 0.1 level, 0.05 level, 0.01 level, the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy. 4 Classification according to the reading indication: it can be divided into two types: pointer type and digital display type. Pointer pH meters are rarely used, but pointer meters can display the continuous change process of data, so they are still used in titration analysis.
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