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Clean calibration method of wastewater on-line water quality detection instrument

by:BOQU     2021-06-04

We all know that the accuracy of parameters in water quality testing has great requirements on the function of the equipment. If the water quality measurement equipment presents a problem, it will directly affect the accuracy of this parameter, so we have been emphasizing the daily It is necessary to do a good job of protection. However, for the instruments used in different water quality environments, the methods and operating details that need to be used for protection are different. For example, the protection of drinking water online monitoring equipment is different from the wastewater quality measurement equipment. In order to let us understand more clearly, today we summarized the clean calibration method of wastewater online water quality testing equipment.

1. Identify what is the necessary protection operation:

As for the online water quality tester, the requirements for the protection of the equipment are roughly the same as those of the laboratory equipment, but those who are familiar with sewage know that there are some operations that are different in the practice of cleaning and protection. For example, the water quality sensor in the laboratory must be cleaned with a soft towel when cleaning, and the sensor of the wastewater online water quality measuring instrument needs to be cleaned with a soft brush. In addition, because of the characteristics of online monitoring, it is not necessary to perform regular calibration and can be fine-tuned in daily life. Generally, the water quality sensor of wastewater will be replaced directly when there is a problem.

2. Is it necessary to clean the sensor?

I told us before that a clean sensor is a necessary condition for obtaining reliable water quality parameters. Therefore, we must proactively clean the sensors daily and do not start processing when we find problems with the measurement data. Generally, we can clean once a week, and the operation will not be too heavy. Therefore, we should not extend the interval of cleaning time, but the details also need to be determined according to the water quality. If the wastewater is in poor condition, it may be necessary to increase the number of cleanings.

3. How to judge the replacement time of the water quality sensor?

For water quality testing equipment, no matter what type of sensor is, it will always increase with the frequency of use and show varying degrees of aging. We don't have to worry about this normal aging and wear phenomenon, we must learn to use the correct method to identify whether the sensor needs to be replaced. Generally, the water quality sensor will show unstable phenomena when it needs to be replaced, such as calibration or matrix adjustment or gradual shortening, the sensor has significant defects or cannot be used after calibration, etc. Such problems, if these phenomena are present, it indicates your water quality detection. The sensor of the instrument needs to be replaced.

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