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Cleaning and Maintenance of Glass Electricity of Online Monitoring Instrument

by:BOQU     2023-04-02
The online pH meter simplifies the functions on the basis of guaranteed performance, so it has a particularly strong price advantage. Clear display, easy operation and excellent test performance make it very cost-effective. It can be widely used in continuous monitoring of pH value in solvents such as thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water. Cleaning and maintenance of the instrument glass battery 1. Under what circumstances should the pH glass battery be cleaned? Put the pH glass battery and the reference battery in a standard buffer solvent of pH 7.00. When the reference battery uses calomel, the millivolt reading should be 0+/-30 millivolts; when Ag/AgCl is used as a reference electrode, the reading should be 0+/-80 millivolts; when placed in a pH4.00 buffer solvent, the reading should be>160 millivolts; when glass electricity is used as the indicator electricity and calomel electricity is used as the reference electricity, at 25 degrees Celsius, the pH value changes by 1 unit, and the potential difference changes by 59 millivolts. If the reading does not match the above range, it should be cleaned; after measuring a certain solvent, it should be rinsed carefully, and the water drops should be blotted before measuring the next sample; the sample with oil stains, especially the sample with oil slick, should be cleaned after use. Clean with CCI4 or acetone, then rinse with 1.2mol/L hydrochloric acid, rinse with distilled water, soak in distilled water for a day and night before use; after measuring the turbid liquid, rinse it with distilled water in time; after measuring the solvent of the emulsified substance, Clean the battery with detergent and distilled water in time, and then soak it in distilled water; there should be no air bubbles between the internal battery of the glass battery and the bulb, if there are bubbles, just shake it lightly to let the bubbles escape. When using a new PH meter, it needs to be adjusted and soaked in distilled water for a period of time to form a good hydration layer; the soaking time is related to the composition of the glass and the thickness of the film. It is advisable to take 24 hours; otherwise, the soaking time can be shorter. It is indicated in the instruction manual that the batteries that have been used for the first time or have not been used for a long time need only be soaked in 3N KCL solvent or deionized water for 2&2. Under what circumstances should the PH glass battery be maintained? If there is oil on the battery, wipe it lightly with cotton soaked in CCl4 or acetone. Then soak it in 0.1mol/L HCI solvent for 12 hours, and then rinse it repeatedly with distilled water; how to maintain it? The commonly used PH battery should be placed in a PH4.00 buffer solvent or soaked in distilled water for a short period of time. For long-term storage, use PH7.00 buffer solvent or put a rubber cap on it and put it in a box. Under what circumstances should the supporting pH glass electrode of the industrial online pH meter be cleaned and maintained. Usually, the pH glass electrode after use needs to be cleaned after the solvent medium is measured, in order to prepare for the next measurement again. Cleaning is for after measurement The results are more accurate; the pH meter after use undoubtedly needs maintenance, how to maintain it depends on the situation, see the above instructions. Dear customers: Our company has dissolved oxygen online monitor, PH online monitor, residual chlorine online monitor, conductivity online monitor products, welcome new and old customers to rest assured to buy their favorite products, we will serve you wholeheartedly! URL: http://www.mdsah.com/
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