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cod ammonia nitrogen detection sensor - various models support customization 'BOQU Instrument'

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
At present, the method of water pollution monitoring is mainly based on the operation of chemical reagent analysis equipment, which is not only time-consuming, but also may cause changes in the water environment due to water pollution incidents caused by reagents. At this time, it poses a threat to water sources and people’s lives. The Internet of Things water quality sensor is such a device that can realize online monitoring. Therefore, the cod ammonia nitrogen detection sensor that monitors changes in water areas online in real time will become an irreversible trend in the future. The knf-108L optical method COD sensor produced by knf-108l, a cod ammonia nitrogen sensor manufacturer, adopts a dual optical path ultraviolet light source (254nm and 365nm) as the measurement principle. One ultraviolet light is used to measure the COD content in water, and one path of reference light is used for Measuring water turbidity, no chemical reagents, no pre-treatment, and no secondary pollution, the price is half of the chemical method, with RS-485 data output can be directly collected and controlled, and the data can be uploaded to the Kinaf cloud platform Or relevant departments, directly put into use, with automatic cleaning device, the post-operation and maintenance is extremely low. The KNF-107A ammonia nitrogen sensor produced by cod ammonia nitrogen sensor manufacturer-Kinaf Technology has its own compensation function, adopts the ion selection method measurement principle to integrate ammonium ion, potassium ion (optional), pH and reference electrodes, and automatically adjusts various water quality Potassium ions (optional), pH and temperature in the sensor are compensated. Reagent-free, green and pollution-free, can be monitored online for a long time in real time, directly put into installation and use, with RS485 data output can be directly collected and controlled, with automatic cleaning brush, and the amount of maintenance in the later period is extremely low.
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