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cod sensor ammonia nitrogen sensor-「BOQU Instrument」Various models support wholesale

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
At present, enterprises with a sewage discharge exceeding a certain level will be listed as 'key pollutant discharge units'; for key sewage discharge units, there will be corresponding types of automatic online monitoring and installation requirements for water quality; among them, for key water discharge enterprises in general industries, COD and ammonia nitrogen are required to be installed. There are still some local standards to monitor conductivity/PH/flow. Shenzhen Wanyi Technology has launched a variety of online monitoring sensors for water quality monitoring in the field of water quality monitoring. The following editor will briefly introduce cod sensors Ammonia sensor. COD Sensor Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor-The knf-108L optical method COD sensor produced by Kinaf Technology uses a dual-light path ultraviolet light source (254nm and 365nm) as the measurement principle, one path of ultraviolet light is used to measure the COD content in water, and one path of reference light is used for measurement Water turbidity, no chemical reagents, no pre-treatment, and no secondary pollution, the price is half lower than the chemical method, with RS-485 data output can be directly collected and controlled, the data can be uploaded to the Kinaf cloud platform or Relevant departments are directly put into use, and have an automatic cleaning device with extremely low post-operation and maintenance. cod sensor ammonia nitrogen sensor - KNF-107A ammonia nitrogen sensor produced by Kinaf Technology has its own compensation function, adopts the ion selection method measurement principle to integrate ammonium ions, potassium ions (optional), pH and reference electrodes, and automatically detects various types of water quality Potassium ion (optional), pH and temperature are compensated. Reagent-free, green and pollution-free, online real-time long-term monitoring, direct installation and use, compared with traditional chemical method ammonia nitrogen analyzer, more economical and environmentally friendly, with RS485 data output can be directly collected and controlled, with automatic cleaning brush, less post-maintenance Very low, welcome to consult.
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