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Common problems in the use of online PH meters and their handling skills?

by:BOQU     2021-05-01

PH meter is one of Greencare’s main products. It is mainly used to measure the pH value of liquid media. The pH meter is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research, pharmacy, fermentation, chemical industry, breeding, tap water, etc. field. This instrument is also necessary for inspection equipment for QS and HACCP certification in food factories and drinking water factories.

As a commonly used instrument, it is inevitable that there will be some small problems in the process of application. The following are the common problems in the use of online PH meters and their handling skills. I hope to provide assistance to novices!

1. Does the online PH meter number jump randomly?

Maybe the indication and reference wiring are leaking, try to wipe the wiring terminals with absolute alcohol, and insist that the humidity at the wiring meets the skill requirements.

2. After the online PH meter is connected to the power cord of the instrument, it does not appear when it starts up?

If you connect the wrong power supply, you will usually smell peculiar smells or see smoke from the instrument.

3. The pH/mV does not change when the electrode of the online pH meter is put into any solution?

The electrode bulb has broken, the electrode needs to be replaced. The electrode and the instrument connection point dropped, please check. The inside of the electrode cable is cracked, please replace it or send it back for repair.

4. After the online PH meter is connected to the control terminal of the relay, the power cord is burned when it is turned on?

The wiring method is wrong, please refer to the (Relay Control Explanation) section.

5. The online PH meter feel that the measurement value is inaccurate?

Take out the electrode and clean it and proofread it according to the instructions. If you cannot proofread it during the proofreading process, please try to replace the electrode.

6. After the online PH meter performs a special function operation, there is no change?

After performing a special function operation in pH or ORP mode, it performs a cycle without pressing the MODE button. The correct way to operate a special function is to press and hold the corresponding key of the function you want to switch and turn it on when the machine is turned off. After the corresponding prompt appears, spread the key, and then press the menu key in the location operation mode to perform a cycle.

7. Is the electrode response of the online pH meter slower?

When the bulb is covered by dirt and the liquid junction is blocked by dirt, the reaction will slow down, please try to clean it. Slowness in winter is normal.

8. There is no control signal output for an online PH meter?

Check if the screen is in normal mode.

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