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Common problems when using online ph meter

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
In the process of using the pH meter, there are often many reasons that cause the pH value measured by the pH meter to be inaccurate, which brings troubles to production and work. The following are common problems encountered in the measurement and use of online ph meters (also known as industrial ph meters). 1. E? appears on the screen of the online ph meter transmitter? Answer: PH is out of range. Possible: Indicates a disconnected electrical wiring. 2. The number of the online pH meter transmitter jumps randomly, which does not match the water quality? Answer: It may indicate that the reference wiring is leaking, try to wipe the wiring terminal with absolute alcohol, and keep the humidity at the wiring to meet the technical requirements. 3. The online pH transmitter has no control signal output? Answer: Check whether the screen is in normal mode. 4. Do you feel that the measured value of the online transmitter is inaccurate? Answer: Take out the battery of the online ph meter, clean it and calibrate it according to the instructions, if it cannot be calibrated during the calibration process of the ph meter, please try to replace the battery. 5. Slow electrical response? Answer: When the temperature is low, the internal resistance of the resistor increases and the reaction will be slower. When the bulb is covered by dirt, the liquid junction is blocked by dirt, and the reaction will slow down. Please try to clean the battery. 6. Does the pH remain unchanged in any solution? Answer: The electric bulb has been broken and needs to be replaced. The connection between the electricity and the instrument is disconnected, please check. The electrical cable is internally broken, please replace or send it back for repair. 7. Is the pH value of the two measurements different for the same sample? Answer: The temperature change or the chemical reaction of the sample itself caused the change of pH value. Therefore, try to keep the temperature consistent and avoid chemical reactions. 8. The same sample is measured on two acidity meters (ph meters) at the same time, but the readings are inconsistent? Answer: Because the calibration conditions of the two acidity meters (ph meters) are different (such as calibration done at different times), the measured values ​​are different. Therefore, the acidity meter (ph meter) should be calibrated at the same time with the same buffer solution, and then measured at the same time. 9. Does the display remain the same no matter what kind of sample the pH meter is in? Answer: Because the electricity is not actually connected to the meter. The treatment method is to first shut down, and then reconnect the electricity and the meter. Because the electricity is broken, it is necessary to replace it with a new one in time. 10. The measurement is unstable and takes a long time? Answer: Because of electrical aging. The response time of the battery in the buffer can be tested. If it is longer than 1 minute, the battery needs to be activated or replaced with a new battery. If the response time of the measurement buffer is very short, but the measurement sample is unstable, it means that the electrometer is not suitable for measuring the sample under test. Please select the appropriate electrometer according to the electrophoresis selection guide. 11. The sample temperature is 10°C. At this time, the meter displays the pH value at 10°C or 25°C. Answer: The acidity meter shows the pH value of the solution at the current temperature; if it is measured at 10°C, the meter shows the solution The value at 10°C; if a pH of 25°C is required, the temperature of the solution must be raised/cooled to 25°C before measurement. The temperature compensation of the acidity meter refers to compensating the influence of temperature on the pH electricity, but it cannot compensate the pH value at any temperature to 25°C.
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