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Common sense of operation of water quality analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-07-04

When operating a water quality meter instrument, it is necessary to rely on a lot of information to make a correct judgment, but in this process, it is necessary to be able to grasp the specific parameters, so as to ensure that there will be no problems in the whole process. It is necessary to understand some basic common sense when using the water quality analyzer, such as the problems to be paid attention to when the water quality analyzer measures the BOD parameters.

In this way, any problems that arise when measuring water quality, we can deal with them according to the corresponding solutions. In addition, today we introduce the common knowledge of 2 points of operation of water quality analyzer so that we can better determine the water quality parameters after mastering it.

Different types of water quality demand parameters are different during analysis. Generally speaking, there are two types of most important parameters in water quality analysis. They are the physical and chemical parameters of water quality. These are also the most commonly used parameters of water quality analyzers. . We all know that the physical properties of water are very important because they are the first significant element. Generally, the neutral pH should be colorless and odorless. The presence of dissolved components such as clay, algae materials, etc. makes the water turbid and changes in pH can make it corrosive.

The aspirational water quality should be non-reactive; however, the presence of some chemicals can alter this property and adversely affect it. For example, the tap water supply will be chlorinated, but excessive chlorine will have a bad effect. Nitrate in drinking water can also harm the body's oxygen transport, while fluoride can cause fluorosis and affect the bone arrangement.

Sulfur compounds cause diarrhea, while anionic detergents can change the pH of the blood and can also arrange burns. Industrial wastewater pollution can easily cause cyanide to exceed the standard. Although the harmful effects of excessive sediments have been shown late, some problems can also occur.

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