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Composition and function of sewage online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
The sewage online monitoring system is relatively important in the current form of our country. It can monitor the discharged sewage in real time, so its application field is relatively wide. In addition to the sewage on-line monitoring system, when monitoring other water quality conditions, other types of monitoring instruments are required. They use different components, so they have different structures. The composition of the sewage online monitoring system 1. Monitoring software: B/S webpage form, supporting remote access by computer and mobile phone. 2. Networking method: public network dedicated line, monitoring center adopts fixed IP. 3. Communication method: 4G+INTERNRT 4. Acquisition and communication equipment: (1) Water resource controller: collect electricity, in/out water flow, and effluent water quality data, and communicate with 4G router through RS232 serial port. (2) 4G router: Timely or real-time transmission of data collected by the water resource controller and multiple video images to the monitoring center. Functions of the sewage online monitoring system 1. It has the function of remotely monitoring the operation status and operation data of sewage treatment equipment. 2. Remotely view the real-time video function of sewage treatment facilities. 3. The effluent water quality exceeds the automatic alarm function, and the water quality monitoring parameters include: COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, suspended solids, etc. 4. Make statistics and analysis on the water treatment capacity and effect of sewage treatment facilities. 5. Reserve water pumps, fans and other equipment monitoring and remote control functions. The sewage online monitoring system is composed of multiple devices, so it has more functions. In other words, the device of the equipment is the main reason for determining its function. Due to the scalability of the sewage online monitoring system, Therefore, some monitoring devices can be installed according to our actual monitoring requirements.
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