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Composition of On-line Monitoring System of Sewage Treatment Station

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
The online monitoring system of the sewage treatment station is a very important water quality monitoring instrument at present. Therefore, with the improvement of living standards, more and more wastewater is produced in daily life and production. If these wastewater is discharged without monitoring, it may be harmful The ecological system has a significant impact, and in general, the online monitoring system of the sewage treatment station is composed of multiple devices, so its functions are determined by the devices used in the system, and the structures of different water quality monitoring systems are different , Let's take a look at the composition of the online monitoring system of the sewage treatment station. The composition of the online monitoring system of the sewage treatment station 1. Monitoring software: display the monitoring data in the form of B/S web pages, and support remote access by computers and mobile phones. 2. Networking method: public network dedicated line is used, and the monitoring center has a fixed IP. 3. Communication method: 4G+INTERNRT 4. Acquisition device and communication equipment: (1) Water resource controller: it has the function of collecting electricity, water inflow/outflow, and water quality data, and communicates with a 4G router through a dedicated serial port. (2) 4G router: It can upload the data collected by the water resource controller and multi-channel video images to the data monitoring center regularly or in real time, which is convenient for later data analysis. Main functions of the online monitoring system of the sewage treatment station 1. It has the function of remotely monitoring the operation status and operation data of the sewage treatment station. 2. The real-time video of the sewage treatment station can be viewed remotely. 3. The early warning function of effluent water quality exceeding the standard can monitor various water quality parameters at the same time: including COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and suspended solids. 4. It can play the role of statistics and analysis on the water treatment capacity and treatment effect of the sewage treatment station. 5. It has the functions of monitoring and remote control of reserved water pumps, fans and other equipment. The composition of the online monitoring system of the sewage treatment station is different from other water quality monitoring systems, so there are some differences in its functions compared with other systems, and this system supports function customization, that is to say, after installing some monitoring systems After the accessories are installed, it can have more functions, and it can be more easily monitored for sewage.
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