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Conductivity tester principle

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
The principle of the conductance tester After a large number of experimental data, it is shown that the conductance value has a good linear relationship with the battery capacity. For the same battery, as the capacity of the battery decreases after use, the conductance value of the battery will also decrease. Such a linear relationship is the basis for the conductivity meter to correctly determine the health of the battery. Because of this, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) officially regards the conductivity test method as one of the testing standards for testing lead-acid batteries. On page 15 of IEEE Standard 1118-1996, it clearly states that the measurement of battery conductance will be known An alternating voltage of frequency and amplitude is applied across the battery and the resulting current is measured. The AC conductance value is the ratio of the AC current component in phase with the AC voltage to the AC voltage. Significant changes in conductance (drops greater than 20%) indicate changes in battery performance. Working principle Batteries will gradually age with the increase of use time. The main reason for the aging is that the surface of the battery poles is vulcanized and corroded, and the active materials fall off, making it impossible to carry out effective chemical reactions. This is why most batteries cannot continue to be used. the main reason. The working principle of the conductivity tester is to determine the chemical reaction ability by measuring the surface of the plate, and infer the change of the battery capacity through the change of the plate, so as to determine the health of the battery. The test performed by the conductivity tester is to compare the actual conductance value measured online with the standard conductance value when the battery is intact. If the difference is large enough, it can be determined that the battery needs to be replaced. Practice has proved that the test results of the conductivity meter are consistent with the test results of discharging with 1/2 of the CCA value, which fully demonstrates the scientific nature and accuracy of the conductivity meter test.
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