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Correct installation steps of online residual chlorine meter

by:BOQU     2023-04-02
The online residual chlorine measuring instrument is based on the principle of photoelectric colorimetry, using new optical technology and microcomputer processing technology, replacing the traditional visual colorimetry, eliminating human errors, greatly improving the accuracy, sensitivity and reliability of the instrument, and can be widely used It is used to measure the concentration of residual chlorine in water plants, hospitals, health and disease control centers, swimming pools and industrial and mining enterprises, so as to control the residual chlorine to meet the specified water quality standards. Installation steps of online residual chlorine measuring instrument (1) First select the position where the detector is installed, then mark the exact position and drill a hole. (2) On the mounting surface, properly tighten or bolt the detector horizontally. Be sure to open the upper cover and remove the lower cover before installing the detector. The screws on the cover should be taken away with the cover and cannot be separated, and the opened upper cover should be dragged aside to hang. (3) After the detector is installed, the upper cover can be closed and tightened, and the lower cover can only be closed after all the wires are connected. (4) Mark the position where the residual chlorine meter is to be installed and drill holes. At the same time, properly tighten or bolt the analyzer bracket on the drilled hole, and then clamp the analyzer on the bracket. The online residual chlorine meter calibrates the zero current indicating electrode and electrode slope of each residual chlorine are not the same, as the filling liquid (electrolyte) is consumed, the zero current and slope will gradually change during use, aging, and adding or replacing Permeable membrane electrolytes also cause zero current and slope changes, which require periodic 'calibration' to ensure accurate measurements.
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